Help for people who have experienced violence in the Barwon South West region to cope with the effects of the crime.

If you have suffered physical or emotional harm resulting from a criminal act, we are here to support you.


The Victims Assistance Program is available for direct victims of a violent crime, to those who witness, or provide assistance at the scene of a violent crime, and to family members of affected victims.

Find the help and support you need

The Victims Assistance Program works to reduce the impacts of crime and support victim recovery by providing practical assistance and access to a range of services and supports, including engagement with the criminal justice system and helping victims feel safe again. The aim of the program is to assist victims by providing an accessible service where victims are listened to, informed, and empowered in their pathway to recovery. The Victims Assistance Program provides trauma informed services that are responsive to the complex and diverse needs of victims of reported or unreported crimes against the person.

We tailor our service to meet the needs of each person and can assist with…

Helping you make informed decisions about the support you need or action you wish to take (e.g. reporting a crime)

Referrals to other services or supports

Help with making Victim Impact Statements, attending court proceedings, and helping you navigate the justice system from beginning to end

Help with VOCAT applications (compensation for criminal acts)

Access to counselling and therapeutic related services

Access to practical supports

Delivered in the Barwon South West region by

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