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The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre delivers the Victims Assistance Program (VAP) across Barwon South West region.

The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre has over 45 years experience supporting victims of crimes. We align closely with the guiding practice principles of the Victims Assistance Program service model; we are a specialist organisation with expertise in assisting victims of crime with our well-established evidence-informed therapeutic and case-management approach, robust intake and exit process, and strong network of partnerships and with government and community organisations.

We recognise that people who have been the victim of a crime need holistic services that encompass physical, emotional, psychological, material, legal and health needs.

Every individual has varied needs and their experiences are diverse. Our focus is on providing client choice and supporting them every step of the way.

There are many factors that impact a victim’s experience and response to the crime, including age, gender identity, ethnicity, culture, previous experiences of violence or trauma, social-economic status and social networks. Some population groups, particularly those who have experienced crimes such as sexual assault, institutional child abuse, family violence or elder abuse, may also experience unique barriers to reporting and accessing support.

Our experience shows that recovery is not a linear process, and victims may need access to different services at different points across their life or throughout the period of their recovery. The Victims Assistance Program ensures they receive this service.

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The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre

A client-centred organisation established in 1978, we continue to grow, delivering integrated specialist response, early intervention, education and prevention services and programs.

Supporting the Victorian community throughout Barwon, Wimmera, and the South West regions, we offer a specialist range of support services to all people impacted by sexual and family violence, encompassing 24 hour crisis response, case management, therapeutic counselling and group programs, early intervention programs, refuge and housing support, legal services, professional training and primary prevention initiatives. We also provide specialised support for all victims of crime through the Victims Assistance Program for Barwon and the South West.

Working across multiple sites and locations, including co-location within the Barwon Multi-Disciplinary Centre, The Orange Doors in Barwon and the South West, outpost locations and within the locally known service Emma House in Warrnambool, our unique combination of services allows us to respond to those that need us, supporting them throughout their journey toward recovery and resilience, while also educating and working with our communities for gender equality to prevent violence from happening in the first place.

We are committed to our vision for a community free from sexual assault and family violence, and a society underpinned by the principles of gender equality, social justice and human rights. Our values of Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration and Commitment unite us, guiding our decisions and actions in our roles, every day.

We provide practical assistance, advocacy and case management support for all victims of crime.

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