For Professionals

As a professional supporting a victim of crime, you play an integral part in their journey to recovery.

Who is the service for?

Any person who has experienced or witnessed a violent crime against the person can access the Victims Assistance Program. This can include physical assault, homicide, family violence, sexual assault, or another violent crime.

How we can support your client

Our team provides a range of supports including:

Helping them make informed decisions about the support you need or action you wish to take (e.g. reporting a crime)

Referrals to other services or supports

Supporting them to make Victim Impact Statements, attending court proceedings, and helping you navigate the justice system from beginning to end

Helping them with VOCAT applications (compensation for criminal acts)

Access to counselling and therapeutic related services

Access to practical supports

Referral process

Victims of crime don’t need a formal referral to access the Victims Assistance Program. They can call the Victims of Crime Helpline to access support.

Contact us

Victims of Crime Helpline
Monday to Sunday, 8am-11pm
Call 1800 819 817
Text 0427 767 891

For organisations or professionals wanting to know more about the Victims Assistance Program in the Barwon South West, please contact us on

Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (except public holidays)
Call 1300 827 279


This is a free service. This service is funded by the Victorian Government Department of Justice and Community Safety.

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